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By Harold D Nathan

Inside the Book:

  • Elements

  • Atoms

  • Atomic constitution

  • Electron Configurations

  • Chemical Bonding

  • Organic Compounds

  • States of subject

  • Gases

  • Solutions

  • Acids and Bases

  • Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

  • Electrochemistry

  • Equilibrium

  • Thermodynamics

  • Review Questions

  • Resource middle

  • Glossary

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Http://antoine. frostburg. edu/chem/senese/101/index. shtml. A wealthy resource of chemistry proof with hyperlinks to many components of chemistry together with the most recent advancements. click on normal Chemistry for tutorials and regularly requested questions, and you'll even ask your individual questions in addition to look for a specific subject. approximately Chemistry, http://chemistry. approximately. com/science/chemistry. An open door to the fundamentals of chemistry and past with hyperlinks to tutorials, all of the components of chemistry, the heritage of chemistry, and newest discoveries. click on common Chemistry to benefit the fundamentals. Chemistry support, http://chemistryhelp. web. contains chemistry video games and initiatives that make stronger chemistry fundamentals. Chemistry educate, http://library. thinkquest. org/2923/. will get you thru chemistry. Chemistry workforce, http://www. chemteam. info/ChemTeamIndex. html. an educational for top institution chemistry with hyperlinks to person chemistry themes that have been mentioned during this publication. word list acid a compound that yields H+ ions in resolution or an answer within which the focus of H+ exceeds OH–. acid ionization consistent the equilibrium consistent describing the measure of ionization of an acid. actinides the row of parts lower than the most component to the periodic desk, from thorium to lawrencium. alkali synonym for base. alkali metals the column of components from lithium to francium. alkaline earths the column of components from beryllium to radium. alkane a hydrocarbon with out a double bond, triple bond, or ring constitution. alkene a hydrocarbon with a number of double bonds and no triple bond. alkyne a hydrocarbon with a number of triple bonds. alpha particle a cluster of 2 protons and neutrons emitted from a nucleus in a single kind of radioactivity. anion a chemical species with a unfavorable cost. anode the electrode at which oxidation happens. aqueous refers to an answer with water because the solvent. fragrant refers to an natural compound with a benzene-like ring. atom the least amount of a component; a nucleus surrounded via electrons. atomic quantity the variety of protons within the nucleus of the chemical aspect. atomic mass the mass in grams of 1 mole of the chemical aspect; nearly the variety of protons and neutrons within the nucleus. Avogadro’s legislations equivalent volumes of gases on the related temperature and strain include an identical variety of molecules. Avogadro’s quantity 6. 02 × 1023, the variety of molecules in a single mole of a substance. base a compound that yields OH– ions in answer or an answer during which the focus of OH– exceeds H+. beta particle an incredibly fast paced electron emitted from a nucleus in a single form of radioactivity. boiling element the temperature at which a liquid adjustments to a gasoline. (Technically, boiling aspect is the temperature at which the vapor strain of the liquid is the same as atmospheric strain. ) boiling aspect elevation a rise within the boiling element of an answer, proportional to the focus of solute debris. Boyle’s legislations the quantity of a fuel varies inversely with strain. calorie a unit of strength, equivalent to four.

Download E-books CliffsNotes Chemistry Quick Review, 2nd Edition (Cliffsquickreview) PDF
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