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By Sanjiv Harpavat, Sahar Nissim

This best-selling microbiology deck is now extra updated and high-yield than ever. every one card contains a microorganism at the entrance and information its scientific presentation, pathogenesis, analysis, and therapy at the again. Full-color scientific pictures, schematics, and algorithms let you attempt your self, establish pathogens, classify organisms, and get ready for end-of-course checks and the USMLE Step 1.

Use research time successfully with this flash card deck!
Full-color photomicrographs and schematics depict the morphology of pathogens, structural beneficial properties, and scientific findings.
Recall layout retains your evaluate energetic and quick—maximizing research time.
Algorithms on every one card classify organisms for simple memorization.
Take your learn at the street! This deck comprises on-line entry to 70 bonus USMLE-style Q&A.

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Multocida (56) - cat/dog bites S. aureus (13) Muscle Bone Necrotizing fasciitis HR F' 01 Joint S. pyogenes (16) C. perfringens (29) Septic arthritis Osteomyelitis Myositis N. gonorrhoeae (36) S. aureus (13) H. influenzae (51) S. aureus (13) S. typhi (40) - sickle cellphone sufferers P. multocida (56) - cat/dog bites C. perfringens (29) T. solium (137) S. aureus (13) Coxsackievirus B (74) T. spiralis (138) Dengue Fever Virus (84) eight 001-010_Harpavat_ConceptCards. indd eight 7/10/11 1:15 AM Skin/Muscle/Bone Infections significant factors OF RASH: Viral VZV (107) Bacterial (continued) B. burgdorferi (62) common vesicles with crimson base showing as “dew on a rose petal,” rash spreads centrifugally HSV-1, HSV-2 (105, herpes vesicular lesions in mouth/eye or 106) genital/perianal area Coxsackievirus A (74) herpangina, hand- purple oropharynx vesicles, vesicles on foot-and-mouth hand/foot/mouth affliction Smallpox virus (111) smallpox macules shape first within the head and later within the extremities, turning into pus-filled vesicles after which crusts Molluscum contagiosum molluscum small red pores and skin tumors with a significant virus (111) contagiosum dimple usually on trunk and anogenital areas Rubella virus (82) rubella maculopapular rash starting in face and spreading to extremities Measles virus (97) measles starts off at head and progresses to ft, disappearing within the order apparently HHV 6 (108) roseola in babies, rash on trunk Parvovirus B19 (101) erythema “slapped-cheek” visual appeal infectiosum Bacterial S. pyogenes (17) R. rickettsii (69) R. prowazekii (70) Lyme illness chickenpox scarlet fever Rocky Mountain noticed fever epidemic typhus “sandpaper” rash starts off on trunk and spreads outward maculopapular rash on fingers and soles spreading proximally to trunk (centripetal unfold) starts on trunk and spreads outward (centrifugal unfold) yet spares fingers, soles, and face 001-010_Harpavat_ConceptCards. indd 8b T. pallidum (61) syphilis erythema chronicum migrans: spreading annular crimson lesion surrounding transparent chunk mark maculopapular rash on fingers and soles different INFECTIONS WITH CUTANEOUS signs: Bacterial B. anthracis (25) anthrax F. tularensis (55) tularemia Y. pestis (47) bubonic plague M. leprae (60) leprosy A. israelii (32) sinus tracts Viral HPV (102) Fungal S. schenckii (115) Ringworm (tinea) infections (114) Protozoan Leishmania species (129) ulcerous lesion with blackened necrotic eschar papule kinds and develops into ulcer with black base cutaneous hemorrhagic necrosis with black colour anesthetized lesions liable to secondary harm sinus tracts shape via dermis, muscle, bone, and organs warts sporotrichosis dermatophytoses ulcerating nodules irritation, itching, scaly epidermis, pustules cutaneous leishmaniasis dermis or mucosal ulcers 7/10/11 1:15 AM Hepatitis Virus Infections Hepatitis a virulent disease (75) Hepatitis B Virus (110) Hepatitis C Virus (85) type: kin Nucleic acid Picornaviridae RNA (positive, unmarried stranded) Lipid envelope (renders prone to bile acids) medical Presentation: Transmission oral–fecal path blood, sexual touch Incubation time brief (2–8 weeks) lengthy (2–24 weeks) size of an infection acute power vital sequelae Diagnosis/Therapy: analysis remedy Vaccine Hepatitis D Virus (88) Hepatitis E Virus (78) Caliciviridae RNA (positive, unmarried stranded) Hepadnaviridae DNA (partially double stranded) Flaviviridae RNA (positive, unmarried stranded) — RNA (negative, unmarried stranded, round) • • • • • • • • • • • cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma • • cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma • • cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma • • • • — anti-HAV IgM, IgG (confers immunity) None definite • see contrary facet Interferon sure (HBsAg) *Hepatitis G virus, a flavivirus, is being studied as one other viral reason behind hepatitis.

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