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By Dinah Williams

Introduces fit for human consumption seafood resembling sea cucumbers, sea urchins, shark meat, eels, and child octopus, together with a map exhibiting the nations the place seafood dishes are eaten.
Title: Shocking Seafood
Author: Williams, Dinah
Publisher: Bearport Pub Co Inc
Publication Date: 2009/01/01
Number of Pages: 24
Binding kind: LIBRARY
Library of Congress: 2008035302

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They're lined with wart‑like bumps and survive the sea flooring. In China, those cucumber‑shaped animals also are a favored nutrition. A sea cucumber has little style. even though, its physique simply soaks up the flavors and seasonings which are cooked with it. to arrange sea cucumbers, chefs needs to wash and boil them in salty water over a number of days. the beef can then be further to soups and stir‑fry dishes. Why do humans spend quite a bit time getting ready this nutrients? Many think that consuming sea cucumbers will help deal with illnesses, reminiscent of hypertension. sea cucumber sixteen Sea cucumbers are very healthy to consume. they've got extra protein than virtually the other meals and they're very low in fats. cooked sea cucumber 17 Sea Urchin at the beginning look, a sea urchin seems too painful to consume. the skin of its physique is roofed with sharp spines. but within each one of those prickly sea creatures is a creamy deal with— 5 items of uni (OO‑nee). Uni is the a part of the ocean urchin that makes the animal’s eggs. It’s a favourite nutrients in Japan. the brilliant orange or yellow uni smells like plant life and sounds like custard. It’s eaten uncooked and melts at the tongue. a few humans say there’s a style of the sea in each chew. sea urchin 18 Uni is the one a part of a sea urchin that may be eaten. uni within a sea urchin 19 Cod Tongues If cod may perhaps speak, they may ask why someone would wish to devour their tongues. might be for the reason that they're so tasty. Cod tongues have been first eaten by means of negative humans in Newfoundland—a huge island in Canada. humans lower the tongues out of fish heads that fishermen left at the docks. through the years, an increasing number of humans began consuming them. at the present time, deep‑fried cod tongues are stumbled on at the menus of many eating places in Newfoundland, which shouldn’t quite shock somebody. It’s difficult to prevent a scrumptious dish from changing into a well-liked one in addition. 20 cod Long in the past, there was once loads of cod within the Atlantic Ocean. despite the fact that, fishermen stuck such a lot of of them that this day Atlantic cod are at risk of loss of life out. fried cod tongue 21 Where Are They Eaten? listed here are a few of the areas the place the stunning seafood dishes during this booklet are eaten. Rotten Shark Meat Iceland Cod Tongues Boiled Sea Cucumbers China Pufferfish Japan Newfoundland, Canada Sea Urchin Japan N W E S Jellied Eels Octopus palms England South Korea bitter Herring 22 Sweden bitter Fish Head Soup Vietnam Glossary docks (DOKS) touchdown components the place ships load and sell off items gelatin (JEL‑uh‑tuhn) a cooking aspect made of animal bones and pores and skin that turns a liquid right into a gel spines (SPYENZ) challenging, sharp issues on an animal suckers (SUHK‑urz) cup‑shaped bumps on an octopus’s hands that support the octopus carry directly to nutrients 23 Index Beckham, David  15 catfish  four China  sixteen, 22 cod tongues  20–21, 22 England  14–15, 22 Greenland shark  10–11 hakarl  10–11, 22 herring  6, 22 Iceland  10, 22 Japan  8–9, 18, 22 jellied eels  14–15, 22 London  14 Newfoundland  20, 22 octopus  12–13, 22 pufferfish  8–9, 22 pink snapper  four River Thames  14 sannakji  12 sea cucumber  16–17, 22 sea urchin  18–19, 22 bitter fish head soup  4–5, 22 South Korea  12, 22 surströmming  6–7 Sweden  6, 22 uni  18–19 Vietnam  four, 22 Bibliography Hopkins, Jerry.

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