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By Alexander Shulgin, Tania Manning, Paul F. Daley

Take into accout: Alexander Shulgin has positioned quite a lot of time into learning and documenting those compounds/substances, in the event you do certainly get pleasure from this booklet. Please be sure you buy. He lately suffered a stroke in 2010, and isn't strong financially. Please bear in mind this whilst having fun with this treasure.
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The Shulgin Index is the most recent paintings through Alexander ("Sasha" Shulgin,
the world's such a lot prolific explorer of the chemistry and results of
psychedelic medicinal drugs.

The Index is a complete survey of the known
psychedelics, and may be released in volumes.

VOL 1:
"Psychedelic Phenethylamines and similar Compounds"
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The first quantity presents:
- A structure-oriented survey of psychedelic phenethylamines,
amphetamines, phenylpiperazines, and different related compounds.
- remedies of 126 major compounds with exact actual properties,
synthesis and analytical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacological
properties, and criminal prestige. absolutely referenced with over 2,000 citations.
- Sub-tables of lesser-studied structural homologues and analogues.
Over 1300 overall compounds covered.
- wide cross-referencing tables for swift position of key information.
- a useful source for researchers, physicians, chemists, and legislations enforcement.

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Zero mg/kg of (±)-DOM from sa tne (30) a wide stud of . .. . 4-positiOJl ,ult stituent was once ~f ysy~h~delic compounds confirmed that the lipophthoty of the anJSt'f.! i. J 1989). pnmary value in opting for 5-HT2 receptor affinity (Glennon (31) Patented as a CNS . (32) Synthesis (Sh I . stimulant (Shulgin, 1969). (33) research on lhe ~i~~~;o). . curtrzlll$ echiuu/ata (Fo t ormation items of TMA MEM MPM and ALEPH via ' , ' seretal. ,l992). 122 . kilos sychede! Jc Phenetlzylamilzcs m1d Relatt'd Com Tile Shulgin Index _ p DOM ·s (Trachsel, 2003). d (22) Synlh e~t. HT eceptors was once measured and examine to slructtJrally relat d (23) The affin1ty to five- 2 r e cornPou nine eta]. , 19 0). f-IT d five HT · t · Seggel ( -. un-~an 5·HT? , five- 2c sera onm receptors used to be 2w an affinity to c1oned 1 • "" 2A ' nll'asu..... a (24) Tl1 e turally similar compounds (Nelson et al. , 1999). '"\! in comparison to struc Biochemistry · (Tacker, 1969) In th . of DOMin the rat in comparison wt·tl1 that o f tyramme Metab o11sm th . · period rimary metabolic assault used to be upon the 4-me yl crew; m 24 hours, 50% used to be excreted boHM (free and conjugated), 28% a_s D? CA, and eight% was once e~creted unchanged (Hoet ). A lrace of the oxidation deamtnation product 1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylphen . 1971 propiophenone was once current (J-:Io et al. , 1971; Ho and Tansey, 1971). 4 possiblemetaboJiof DOM synthesized: 1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylphenyl)-2-propanone, 1-(2,5-dimethort -methylpheny1-2-propanol, 1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-me~y lpl~en~l)-2-propanone oxime _ four N-HO-DOM (Coutts and Malicky, 1973b). within the :abb1t, ox1dati~n of the 4-methylgroup DOM to the carboxylic acid (DOCA) used to be the pnmary metabohc transformation, at a 40%; basically approximately 1% was once excreted unchanged (Matin et al. , 1974) in a research of stereochenuca: facets ofDOM metabolism following i. p. adtninistration to the rabbit. In rat and rabbit arrangements, DOM was once metabolized through 5-demethylation, 2-demethylation, and 2,5-b'demethylation (Zweig and Castagnoli, 1975, 1977; Castagnoli et al. , 1976). Spectra! and kinetic metabolic reports of the interplay of DOM and its N-hydroxy metabolite utilizcc rabbit liver microsomal arrangements (McGraw, 1977). within the rabbit and the guinea r·~ ur1nary metabolites have been DOHM, ilie ~-alcohol and ~-ketone as a result of deamination the oxidation of the propyl chain giving 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methyl benzoic acid, and t: oxidation of the 4-methyl crew to a carboxy staff. This latter compound, DOCA' the key metabolite (Nagamatsu et al. , 1978). DOM metabolically bis-demethylated 2,5-DES-Me-DOM Qacob et al. , 1979). interplay of optical isomers of DOM and N-HODOM with rabbit liver cytochrome P450 studied (McGraw and Castagnoli, 1981). ? OM affecte_d the metabolism of biogenic amines within the rat mind (Leonard/ 19~) . mi mteracted wrth serotonin turnover in rat mind and spinal wire (Anden et aJ. , 19! 4)- ~a examine of its metabo~c destiny, DOM was once chemically switched over to 5-hydroxy-2,6-dimethvhn· dole by means of demethylahon with HBr by way of therapy with base (Zweig and Castagno 1974). The metabolism of the R-and S-DOM have been in comparison to the dl-racemate in ratli\~ homo~enate (McGraw et al.

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